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Dangerous Dogma

Feb 23, 2024

Janet Kellogg Ray, a university biology professor, talks with Word&Way President Brian Kaylor about her new book The God of Monkey Science: People of Faith in a Modern Scientific World. She also discusses COVID-19, science denialism, and science education.

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Feb 16, 2024

Michael Wear, president and CEO of the Center for Christianity and Public Life, talks with Word&Way President Brian Kaylor about his new book The Spirit of Our Politics: Spiritual Formation and the Renovation of Public Life. He also discusses Dallas Willard, gentleness, and the Buffalo Bills. He previously appeared on

Feb 9, 2024

André Gagné, a theology professor at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, talks with Word&Way President Brian Kaylor about his book American Evangelicals for Trump: Dominion, Spiritual Warfare, and the End Times. He also discusses biblical interpretation and Neocharismatic-Pentecostal leaders like Lance Wallnau...

Feb 2, 2024

Tara Culp-Ressler talks with Word&Way President Brian Kaylor about Mennonite Action, a group that formed to push for an end to the war in Gaza. The group has led multiple public vigils, including one on Capitol Hill that led to arrests as Mennonites peacefully sang hymns in a congressional building. Lean more about...